Michael Rainey Jr.
Barbershop 3 (2016) | LUV | Un Altro Mondo | The Butler | Second Chance Christmas | Orange is The New Black | Power
Barbershop 3 (February 2016)
I have the privilege of playing the Son of Ice Cube's character.
Barbershop 3 (2/2016)


Calling DIYers

LUV, directed by Sheldon Candis... Starring Common and Michael Rainey Jr.... others in this film are, Charles Dutton, Danny Glover, Denis Haysbert, Michael Keneth Williams, Megan Good and others.

Good Money Single 2013

Positive message to my peers. Staying in school and doing what needs to be done will prepare you for the future .....Enjoy and share. You can download the song from iTunes or Amazon

Un Altro Mondo 2010 (Another World)

Getting (and staying) fit can be fun

Un Altro Mondo, directed by Silvio Muccino... Starring Silvio Muccino, Michael Rainey Jr, Isabella Ragonese. You can purchase the DVD on Amazon it is in sub titles.

Michael has the privilege to be a part of to great shows from the very beginning. He is in Orange is The New Black, where he plays the Son of Sophia. He is also in the TV show Power where he plays the the Son of the lead (Ghost).

Orange is The New Black 2013, 2014, 2015
Power 2014, 2015

The Butler 2013

Starring Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whittaker. I played the Butler as a child

LUV a Sheldon Candis film..... Starring Common and Michael Rainey JR 


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